Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update time.

Alright, so, it's been a while.  I can't say I've been super  busy, b/c i haven't, but I haven't had a whole lot to say.  Since my last post I started doing a Bootcamp program that Amber (read: trainer) runs.  It's a great program - it makes me do things that I really wouldn't do unless she made me, but it's stuff that's good for me.  The best part is that I've really learned that I can go away from the gym and still get a good workout in with just me (and some resistance tubes I carry on trips).  I felt very proud that I worked out every day of my trip to PA except for one.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  

Eating has gotten annoying - sometimes I'm not sure what's "good" and what's not, but it's a day to day thing.  Biggest problem is that every time I stop journal-ing food, I don't eat enough calories for the type of exercise I'm doing.  Who knew eating enough would be an issue.  I guess if I could get clearance for cake on the menu, it'd be a lot easier! hah  

I'm also still doing personal training, which is going well.  I'm having a good time lifting more and more weight and I'm excited b/c Amber's at a conference this week and expects to come back with lots of new ideas.  I'm hoping she's going to let me do chariot races with her soon.  We did them at bootcamp and everyone refused to be my partner again after doing it once with me.  Oh well - I wasn't letting them off the hook THAT easy!   ;-)  It's freakishly hot here - so bootcamp has been extra challenging as it's all done outside.  

The biggest issue has been losing one of my best friends and best gym buddy Crystal.  She had to move b/c her hubby got a job in Wichita (about 2.5 hrs. from us for those who don't know) and so since she moved my motivation has tanked.  I'm still going to the gym, but it's hard, b/c she's not with me.  We were always there together and so I've been in a funk since she moved.  We still talk etc. But, to anyone who has ever had a gym buddy that really pushed them and was a great friend to boot, you understand how much it sucks.  She's had an worse time than me, so I've felt like a heel b/c at least I'm not doing everything new like she is.  I know we're both going to work out the gym funk eventually, but it's going to take time.    But, all of the ppl who knew us well have been super supportive of me, and I'm grateful for when they talk to me and ask about it.   I'm at least happy that I'm with Amber 3 days each week (2 for bootcamp, 1 PT session) so that helps make the alone feeling much better.  Too bad moving to Wichita for me is out of the question and too bad coming back is out for her.  I miss my friend.  :-( 

In other news, I feel (physically) fantastic.  Lots of people have commented on how good I'm looking and how much they can see a change.  And, numbers wise on the scale, I'm holding relatively steady, but body fat % and all those other numbers are continuing the downward trend, so I'm ok with that.  Rome wasn't built in a day, and I realize that these last lbs are (apparently) really stubborn.  I'd like for them to take up residence elsewhere, say - a pool of sweat on the gym floor.  

I'm going to finish with a few pictures, b/c that's when I really notice that I have made great progress - here are a few from the middle of July on our anniversary and then just this past week on my trip to PA.  

From our Anniversary:  

From the end-ish of boot camp.  (with our fab "it's gonna be fine shirts)  From L-R it's Me, my trainer Amber and the best gym buddy/friend ever Crystal

Here are a few from this past week (the day we went to Baltimore) 
Creepy bear at the Boyds bear place

From the president's banquet with a sweet lady I met and got to know over the week.

From when we went to Chocolate World and made our own chocolate bar

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