Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello new pants!

Alright, it FINALLY happened - I was able to buy new pants.  They're 2 sizes smaller than what I've been wearing.  SO stoked about this, as it's been a REAL problem since I've begun this whole thing.  My upper body got noticeably smaller decently quickly, but the lower half has taken much much longer to see noticeable changes.  So, I'm happy.  For now.  Def. still not in a "goal" size (not that I have a goal size, I just know it's smaller than the current one!).  Amber's kicking my butt (and my legs).  The day after our workouts it's a challenge to walk - no joke.  But I'm feeling SO good lately.  Really, I'm feeling better than I ever have short of after drum corps in 2003.  I'm so much stronger than I was then though - that's the super fun part of training for me right now.  I leave you with some photos for your comparison.  :)

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(KU pic - 2006)

<<<-----June 1, 2010

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