Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eat more food, what?

Well, it's been a bit since I've updated.  I'm still trucking, just super busy.  Last day with kids was yesterday, but we've got work all next week - ugh.  Paperwork, IEP meetings, etc.  It's gonna suck, but, whatever.

I'm still hitting the gym just as much as usual.  Haven't done yoga a whole lot the last little bit - didn't really love the last release of the class and did a lot more Jam instead.  Finally started training again with Amber and today was our 2nd workout.  I really like her a lot and as we knew, things are great!  We're focusing on some of my weaker areas, and that's fun and challenging.  Really been working to keep myself in an uncomfortable place during classes.  It's easy during step to kick it up a notch, but I find it harder in some other classes.  Have also been running intervals for 30 minutes some too. 

Nothing too spectacular to report.  I'm close to 25 lbs. total weight lost since I started really changing my lifestyle and the body is really still digging in for the last little bit to go away.  Amber and I talked today about food - and yet again the theory is I'm still not eating enough, so it's time to add some other foods to the mix and get my calorie count up again.  I don't know why it's so hard to eat the # of calories I need to get to.  if 1500 was hard, 1800 is going to be super super challenging.  But, I've gotta do it and see if it'll help fix the stagnation. 

It's also time for classes to be switched up at the gym - always a great time, b/c my body gets tired of the current release.  Summer schedule is coming out monday and I hope I don't hate it.  I'm going to try to incorporate AM workouts again this summer.  did it for a bit in the EARLY am, but fell off that wagon.  with the summer being here and no school, I've got no excuse to not go burn a few calories in the AM a few days a week.

so, that's that.  Until next time!


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