Monday, August 8, 2011

This and that

So - I promised some of you last week or so that I'd show you my (hopeful!) solution to my lunch carrying problem.  I am about to test out this solution starting tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes!  I'm now SERIOUSLY on the verge of winning the "who carries the most bags" award, but, I digress.  

Here is what I bought to carry my food for the day!

Now - a few things.  I recognize this is not one, but two additional bags.  Oh well!  The plan at the moment is to do legit lunch (with water bottle/whole fruits) in the big bag and use the small one for snacks.  I posted all 3 photos so you could get some sense of scale.  They're cute, and spacious.  Also - having a separate snack bag will eliminate the digging through containers/empty stuff to get to the "before gym" snack I always eat on the way back into town!  Success!  Let's hope this works.  I'll update you in the coming week or so on the outcome.  

Some food updates!  

So, I've also been trying out some new recipes from my Clean Eating magazine.  I LOVE that magazine, but so rarely try things, so I've got a few photos here.  

 Not the best photo, but this is my own creation - sun dried tomato and squash pizza.  I sorta stole this idea from a dinner I had at Alison's house that I LOVED.  This is on a gluten free crust, just b/c I liked the one she used!  So delish.  Let's not really talk about calories or carbs.  It's not *horrible* but definitely not the best.

This is from clean eating.  They called it some sort of "pizza."  The crust is shredded potatoes.  The rest is a roasted red pepper, roasted eggplant spices and lowfat mozz. cheese.  It was SO so good! 

Another clean eating recipe - but a horrifically unappetizing photo, my apologies.  This is whole wheat rotini, flank steak cooked in salt/pepper/garlic in a spray of olive oil on the stove with a chunky diced fresh tomato.  The "sauce" is avacado mashed with greek yogurt.  I cannot begin to tell you how GOOD this is.  (even if it is horribly unattractive).  Also - it was great cold! 

Finally - my favorite breakfast from Natalie.  It's dry oats, strawberries and raspberries with a drizzle of honey.  And oldie, but a goodie and probably my all time favorite filling breakfast!

We've had a lot of farmshare veggies - so, it's been fun to try some new things! 


New clothes!  Finally - after close to 2 years and 50 pounds - I got a whole slew of new clothes.  I've gotten an item or 2 here and there, just b/c I was desperate for something that fit that wasn't gym/jam related.  But, nothing towards work clothes since I started my job 2 years ago.  Let's just say that none of those clothes fit anymore.  I need to sort through them and decide what to have altered and what to get rid of.  I'm happy for new clothes though!!!

What about Jam, you ask?!

That's a photo from Launch.  I'll do a post this week about just Jam - but, I will tell you now that this past Saturday ( the 6th) I taught my very first ever class on my own!  I've come a long way in a pretty short time and I feel good about where I'm going.  I'm planning to tape once more, then pick my fate between one of the two.  I'm also excited to learn an old release so I can keep teaching a bit while we're in mix up phase! 

School starts tomorrow for staff in our district, as well as many others too, so that's all I've got for now.  Time to go switch the laundry!


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Natalie said...

Your lunch bags are adorable! Where are they from again? I think mine might be the same size as your big one, but yours looks way bigger.

I hope Jam taping went great!