Saturday, January 23, 2010

working hard, seeing results.

Ok, so the scale isn't really moving.  but my body is def. changing.  Hubby is beginning to notice, and that's fab.  My coworkers continue to comment about how good I'm looking and my pants are starting to fall down.  I really don't wanna buy new pants yet.

I got a steal on some workout clothes at walmart.  I hate going there, but I dig the Danskin line of workout wear, so whatev.  I got some new (smaller!) yoga pants and tops.  going to the gym so often has been killer on my workout wardrobe and I was in serious need of some new stuff.  I hated washing workout clothes in the middle of the week, so yay for that.

found some new protein powder for the gym.  it tastes like ice tea!  which, as a true southerner, I'm in love with.  This week I haven't taken a day off from the gym.  I need to....but I don't want to.  This weekend was our new launch classes, and so that's added extra days/time.  I did body jam on friday with Crystal and Merle. It was a blast, but I still get annoyed at the ppl who have no spatial awareness!  sheeze ppl, it isn't that hard.  but it was fun all the same.  Today was body step and I'm still super sore from thursday's workout with Jessica (read: trainer extraordinaire) so it was hard, but doable.  I think it's going to be fun, but I'm worried I'm going to get bored since freestyle step was always different each time.  I'm hoping eventually we'll have both classes offered in the evening so I can do a little of each.  It's def. the physical challenge that I need right now though and was a fun morning.

Tomorrow is the flow (yoga) release and I'm so excited.  I love flow.  I feel like lately I live life from flow class to flow class, haha.  (we do it on mon. and fri.).  I've learned a lot about moving my body etc and have gotten so strong because of yoga.  It helps to have great instructors who enjoy teaching and push you too....that's really kept me going.  Beats the hell out of the typically machine/lifting type of gym anyday.

Been hitting a good burn lately and getting almost an hour and a half of moderate activity each day, plus close to 15 minutes of vigorous each day too. so far so good, now time to change it up a bit.

Training is going well.  She's kicking my butt, which is just what I asked for.  But it's fun...and hard and I'm sore and all that.  But there's something secretly fun about being capable of doing the things she asks me to do.

having fun, getting health(ier).  woot.

Great quote from Allison:   "when your body tells you to stop, you tell your body to be quiet!"

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