Friday, January 8, 2010

No more excuses.

Today's calorie burn so far:  2419.  Steps:  11188.  1:30 of moderate activity and only 17 minutes of vigorous activity.  Pretty good day as far as the gym/calories go.  Ate really well too.  Stopped at the Merc today to get some ingredients for Dr. Oz's "magic breakfast blaster" smoothie.  Made 2 tonight for T and I.  They're good! 29g of protein!  136 calories.  It's got some things that you can't find at a typical grocery store, so you'll have to hit a whole foods or the like to get some of the ingredients.  A hit so far in our house!

In other news I totally jacked my left arm yesterday.  Crystal and I did "melissa's house of pain" on the weight floor and I must have pinched something in my shoulder b/c I've had a radiating pain all day.  I'm icing and elevating and massaging as I can't not lift for too long.  Silly "Crazy Melissa"  lol.  The good news is, she has me doing new things and she doesn't let me slack.  ;-)  I'm thankful for that, even if I do wanna wimp out sometimes.

I also got my consultation schedule tonight for starting personal training.  I'm meeting with Jessica monday night and from there we'll set goals etc.  I'm stoked to get started.

Tonight I ran for 20 mins (10 minutes 2 times though), did some weights for lower body, Flow and elliptical for 15 minutes.

Came home and got to talking with T about how I've gotten to a point where, weather aside, the gym really isn't an "option" anymore.  As in, we need to do this for the rest of our lives, and so making excuses for not going won't work.  Or, I'll just stay this size for forever, and I'm not gonna.  I'm so happy I'm to a point where I've become capable and am loving the gym.  I'm even to the point where I re-arrange other things in my life so I don't have to miss it.  I'm glad I'm making myself a priority.  I'm sure it'll pay off in the long run.

For now:  No more excuses for you either!  :)

Edit:  Tonight when Crystal and I were sitting in the very quiet yoga studio whispering and waiting for class to start there was a lady on a mat in front of her stretching.  As we kept talking and she kept stretching she farts.  I thought we were gonna explode in laughter.  I couldn't help but crack up later in class when this woman had her but in crystal's face during a stretch.  It was too funny!

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