Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiration is everywhere - you just gotta want it.

I read a lot of blogs - probably too many for my own good.  But - I also find it helpful to keep myself on track by knowing that others are too, or by finding inspiration quotes etc.  That's why my FB friends will often find me with a quote as a status.  My blog isn't NEARLY as fantastic as many of them I read - I'm not a great writer and my life isn't funny - BUT - I write for me - b/c sometimes putting it down in words is helpful.   And, sometimes if I can tell enough people about something I'm trying to do, I'll do it.  ;-)

That said - if you haven't been lucky enough to stumble across Ben, from, then you're missing out.  Seriously.  He made a post yesterday that I love.  He posts about a question he gets asked a lot, which is "how do I start running?"  But what he posts is so so much more than how to run.  It's about making a better choice - about not sitting on the couch with soda and chips and not kidding yourself about your goals.  The thing is - and this is the part that I can't figure out about some people - is that you've got to want it.  You've got to DO more than SAY you want it.  You've got to GET UP and MOVE your butt, change your habits, make better choices.  The gym is a fabulous place, but you can't expect to walk in and have the pounds fall off.  Heck - you can fake the gym just about as well as you can fake anything else.  I feel like I'm up on my soap box - but I also feel that if everyone could just get a taste of feeling this good, they'd make a different choice too.

So - what are you waiting for?  

Go read Ben's Blog post here.

Now - get up and go make a different choice.  (and to those of you already doing it - where's your blog so I can read it and continue to be inspired?  lol  ;-) 



Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to add that one to my reading list!

Natalie said...

I always love seeing blog recommendations...there are so many like minded, inspirational people out there!