Wednesday, November 24, 2010

44 Thankful Things

Time to blog.   Actually, this is just my "break" from cooking.  So far, we've got the HG pumpkin pie, my more traditional cranberry pie (my crust turned out FAB!).  I've got green beans, cranberry relish and mashed sweet potatoes left.  No big deal, right?  I'm always up late this night each year, why break tradition?

I had a beautiful day.  Today we put up Tim's ghost bike.  If you haven't seen the photo on facebook, you need to take a look.  I feel so blessed that Marissa and her family allowed T and I to do that for them.  It truly was a journey for me too, and I hope it brings them comfort for years to come.  I also hope it's a huge warning to every driver that sees it to SHARE THE ROAD!  Yes, you - you see that bicyclist?  ok then, scoot over and give him room!

That said, this year, I'm doing 44 things I'm thankful for, in honor of the 44 lbs that have found their way OFF of my body this past year.  So, in some random order, here they are....

1. My Mom.  (who got me here and but also got my first 1on1 sessions for me last year)
2. My husband
3. My Dad (he teaches me a lot - often by showing me what NOT to do, but, helpful still!)
4. My inlaws 
5. Amber (refer to my last post, 'nuff said)
6. Family (warts and all)
7. My dog
8. the cats too!
9. Body boutique (you know, since I live there practically)
10. the amazing women who frequent the gym with me
11. Friends, b/c I've got the BEST!
12. co-workers, who are a lot more like family than co-workers
13. the kids I teach (who teach me something every single day)
14. online newspapers (read: free)
15. books (for when I find time to sit still)
16. bubble baths
17. sleep!
18. Crystal (who even far away is the best friend a girl could have.  Miss you every single day)
19. text messages (b/c sometimes, I don't wanna talk, lol)
20. my camera (which I use almost daily.  still waiting on T to replace my little one!)
21. Laura (who taught and is still teaching us SO much.  I know you're here - never stop showing me that, ok?)
22. Strength (you know, the kind you find when you don't want to get out of bed, or when you don't want to do anything else out of your trainers mouth, but you do it anyway).
23. Quotes (where on EARTH would I be without them?)
24. Math (for my ability to count to 44 and for securing a job for hubs eventually, lol)
25. KU basketball (it's just a glorious glorious thing.  most of the time)
26. TV (b/c it's how I detox from real life)
27. rubber ducks (they're yellow, cute, and I collect them.  they make me happy, what do you want from me? lol)
28. the ability to change
29. the ability to adapt
30. the ability to push myself all the time.
31. helping others 
32. those who help me
33. jingly bracelets (b/c they make me feel happier during the day)
34. Christmas lights
35. the fact that my husband will almost always do anything I ask (he's a keeper.  in fact, he's out right now picking up strawberries!)
36. the ability to see good in others, even when it doesn't seem like it.
37. laughter
38. my ability to continually laugh at myself (ok and others too)
39. wine (b/c who doesn't need that occasionally after a long day?)
40. grapes (I just love them)
41. determination
42. persistence 
43. my 1/2 marathon! (that rocked)
44. the incredible, amazing support system that surrounds me each and every day.  Without each and every piece of that puzzle, I wouldn't be who I am, where I am or as happy as I am.  You know who you are, and I'm thankful to each and every one of you.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Amanda said...

44 wonderful things to be thankful for!